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Tunnel Houses

NZ's Finest Grow Tunnels

Premier Tunnel Houses for fast luxurious growth all year round

Tunnel Houses are a Gardners Delight...

Our Tunnel Houses are Unique...

Premier Tunnels ( Houses) are made of an aluminium frame covered with a strong plastic film tensioned for strength. What makes our Tunnel Houses special is their unique ability to grow produce faster and for longer than outdoor gardening methods. Premier Tunnel Houses proven heat retention enables enjoyment of homegrown fruit and vegetables all year round. Tunnel Houses are also suitable for orchid growing and propagation of plants and seedlings.

Tunnel House Features

Tunnel House Materials & Warranty

Tunnel / Green House Sizes

Our standard tunnel house size is 2.4 metres (8'0") wide by 1.9 metres (6'4") high.

Tunnel Length Tunnel Width Tunnel Doors Tunnel Roof Vents
2m (6'0") 2.4m 1 1
3m (10'0") 2.4m 1 1
4m (13'0") 2.4m 1 1
5m (16'6") 2.4m 1 2
6m (20'0") 2.4m 1 2
8m (26'0") 2.4m 1 2

Premier Tunnel Houses are Low Maintenance

Premier Tunnels require little maintenance to ensure long life. The tensioning method ensures tunnel house covers are drum tight and punctures are easily repaired with special tape available from Premier Tunnel Houses. Tunnel House covers should last around 10 years. Hosed down regularly to remove dust and grime.


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