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203 Awahuri Road, Feilding
Phone: 06 323 9423

Tunnel House Materials & Warranty

All hoop framing are made of 20mm square aluminium which is precut, bent and drilled.( frames are space every 1metre. Horizontal spreaders 6 off.
..The foundation is supplied as H4 tanalised dressed timber.
.. Covers are 'machine welded' one piece sheets using the highest quality 200 micron Greenhouse film which carries a 3 year warranty against ultra-violet breakdown ( This is Based on new Tunnel House and lagging applied ). The expected life of plastic covers is in excess of 10 plus years.
..On new orders all outer aluminium surfaces are supplied with protective tape which prevents chaffing or heat damage ot the cover.
..Sheet tensioned methods ensure covers are always drum tight - the Key to long life.

All Tunnel Houses/Greenhouses are dispatched in kitset form, and takes about 4 hours to assemble.

 Please Note: Tunnel House are only available in Plastic

 Opening Hours 8.30....5.00pm Monday to Friday

Shipping of any Products is Limited to both North and South Islands of New Zealand

Our standard sixe is 2.4 metres wide by 1.9 metres high

Length-------------Width--------Doors-------   Roof Vents
6m----------------- 2.4-------------1------------------2